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Another crook autograph seller

Beware......This Idiot has been selling autographed albums he says he bought from a collector and he has no COA. He juat sold his 4th Doors album tonight 20August2016 signed by all 4 members. YES HIS 4TH DOORS ALBUM. They commanded a meaningless amount of 150. a couple went for 200 each and the 4th one went for 630? oh these ...

Sweet Paula's Pods
Rip Off

Even though I have a pending CC transaction with this fraudulent biz, I'm afraid they'll straighten out their mess with & snatch my payment which is thankfully only $115. does not have contact info for the "civilian" Only their registered vendors have access to contact them. From what I'm reading ...

Claim 4 Angels
Poor to no service from Claim 4 Angels

The worst service ever, if you get a response or if they answer their phone! Submitted my application 7 months ago to them, took them 2 months to upload it and then they did not submit all the paper work. Kept saying i must ignore the SMS's stating paperwork is outstanding. In June my application finally went through to an ...