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Poor Service

Maxidor did a quote for me on 1st October 2014 to replace all the burglar bars. I showed the salesperson a Maxidor gate which is about 3 years old and is now rusting. He said he will log a call for them to service it. When the new burglar bars were installed in mid November, the installers were completely unaware of this gate ...

Tracker Connect
Terrible service

I had an appointment to install my tracker and now they changed the time with out informing me after me calling them to confirm my appointment. Its funny how when they wanted to do business with me they sent me messages to tell me that they have been trying to contact me now that they got it they don't send them they do voice ...

Completely ignores customer requests

I ordered two trellidor clear guard doors last year in December. I took the rental option through trellidor. They were quick to respond with the paper work and giving me the all clear and everything. They informed me that plant that manufactures the doors will only open around mid january, and then it should take about 3 weeks. ...

Adt Security
Unprofessional technicians - Shane & friend

I had a perfectly working alarm system with a different company, I then decided to jump ship and move to ADT, biggest mistake made. A sales person Musa and another technical guy came to my house to conclude the contract and check my existing alarm. Everything was fine and they checked and verified that the current alarm I had ...

Tracker Connect
Poor Communication/Service

Unable to get to speak to one person, have been sending e-mails to several persons/accounts and spoken to numereous people still no sensible reply. I wanted to change my tracker system to a new car, but now I want to get rid of tracker in totally. Frustrated... Yes ...