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Don't buy from Securitas

I requested my security meet my needs to have a 4 button option and got the quote which I paid in full. After 7 visits from 2 technicians as the system was not working correctly. I found out that the R5000 I spent was the exact same system I already had. I complained this morning and requested that due to non-delivery of my ...

Tracker Connect
Poor Communication/Service

Unable to get to speak to one person, have been sending e-mails to several persons/accounts and spoken to numereous people still no sensible reply. I wanted to change my tracker system to a new car, but now I want to get rid of tracker in totally. Frustrated... Yes ...

Chubb Fire & Security
Bad service and unrealiable

Since we installed with Chubb security our alarm has not been working well, the technicians that they sent are from Gannet every time the technician says he says he will come but never does, we can't leave our house without our alarm going off. IV complained plenty of times to Chubb and the company but nothing has been done the ...

Ad treatment

I just want to report I'm not happy with wadeville secure services, the general manager have isseus with white people in the company, and always looking for something to fire or demote them, where others can do what they want etc. You cant talk to them becuase they treat you like garbished. And mangement have friends on the ...

Tracker Connect
Debit order amount double.

I got a debit order of R190 and when I queried it I was told its for January month which did not go through, I have a statement which shows that January did go through and if in January it did not go through why wasn't I contacted or why didn't I get an sms to say it did not go through, I just get a double deduction just like ...

Adt Security
Non-existing service

I had an incident where my alarm was triggered earlier in the day and I wasn't home. No one phoned me or any other key holder. I came home just before 8pm and phoned the ADT call centre to escort me into my home. After not picking up the call centre line I phoned again and used the life threatening option and someone eventually ...