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I sell on eBay and I have to admit you get a lot of advertising coverage. A lot of people will see your ads but the downside is 65 to 75% of them are not good customers at all, scammers looking to get something for free or not paying for it at all with the help of eBay. On eBay you will see an increase in sales, but the downside is eBay gives the buyer the sky's the limit to complain about anything. And the eBay buyer will take full advantage of that knowing that he/she could say anything he likes, wants and get his money back or get the item for free. It doesn't matter if your ad is 100% under the terms of eBay. EBay will always find a reason to go in the buyer's favor no matter what the item costs you as a seller. You will lose!

I have made a lot of money on eBay and lost a lot money as well on eBay. When you sell from your own website you get good customers that buy good products at a good price. You will see once you start selling on eBay. Your email will be overwhelmed by people complaining about nothing. They buy stuff without even reading the ad, knowing that if they don't like it "o" well I can send it back. That's okay if you're a major corporation. You can absorb those fees. I'm finding out eBay is not great selling platform. Out of 100 transactions on eBay, I would say one out of ten complain about something that have to do with nothing. Remember each complaint you have to deal with is a loss of money. No matter how you look at it time is money for a business. So you losing!

Even if the customer does not like your pricing he can leave a very bad negative feedback on your page for no reason at all. EBay will not remove it at all and justify it by being on the buyer side telling you as a seller you need to go kiss the eBay buyer ass and ask them to remove it. As a seller you cannot: reply to or leave a negative feedback on the buyer page at all! EBay say we don't encourage leaving negative feedback on the buyer page and you can't do it. They have removed that option from the seller capability (that means you cant say anything) and the buyer can Massacre you for no reason on your page.

So let say you offering a great product with free shipping, right well just think about when the customer get the order. EBay customer can say anything they like. EBay will not care what the items is. They will always side with the buyer 100%. So now that free shipping item has to be ship back to you at your cost. Now your out the cost of the unit, plus shipping and handling to them and now back to you plus you have to give the money back to the buyer. Plus you still have to buy eBay fee! That ebay 101. learn it, remember it or it will you in the end! If you are seller on eBay, eBay will not support you at all. You can spend countless hours on the phone with them. EBay looks at the seller as being the second-best.

This note is for EBAY sellers; this is what I do if eBay goes in the buyer's favor. Remember you have all the pertinent information of the seller from the invoice. Use that pertinent information. What I do is after eBay refund the money back to the buyer, I forward the order over to a collection agency for full payment. EBay can only control what happens on eBay, not what happens in the real world. If it's legitimate order, an honest order, everything is on the up-and-up. As a seller you have every right to be paid for that Item. That order was filed, shipped and was 100% intact. Then you as a seller deserve to be pay 100% no matter what eBay say!

As of now I'm not putting up any more orders up on eBay. I'm finding out it's better to have your own website and sell your products from your own website like I have be doing for 15 years now but thought I would try eBay out. All was good at first but the more order the more problems for eBay. You're in business for control. EBay take away your power as a business owner and turn you back into a employee! That's why we started are own business to be in control and not take order from an like eBay and their customer! I hope this help!

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