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I was selling a Canon 50D with 2 lens and some extras in Ebay in the auction method. Of all the people that bid on it, the highest bidder reached $500.00 but did not reach my reserve price. I spoke with that person through ebay messages and gave her a second chance offer. She accepted and the money was right away in the Paypal account. I said, ok, well, let me send it right away and I sent it to the email she provided in PayPal. She is a member of Ebay since 2013. I sent it and after 3-4 days more or less the post office could not deliver it because it had insufficient address. I tried to speak with her and she did not respond after 2-3 days of me trying to contact her to solve the problem. She finally responded with the "correct" address and saying that she had recently moved to that area and that she forgot the apt number... Thing that I honestly don't believe. I had the equipment sent back again... And she still wanted the item so I sent it back to her a second time and this time with the correct address. I had to pay $25.00 of shipping from my own money since she didn't pay for it. I told her that please deposit it in my account but she said she would and never did up to this day. Later on, when the package arrived... She waited 6 days to tell me and apparently open the package and said that "one lens is broken and the camera does not work even when I charged the batteries several times"... I was in awe because the camera was wrapped perfectly well with bubble wrap and a fragile note in every angle of the box. After that message, she quickly escalated the issue to a claim in Paypal. She didn't even provided proof that it was "broken" like she said it was and didn't even communicated with me afterwards. From the beginning I had a very weak communication with her. And I was not the only person that had problems with her. The other seller that appears in her feedback section had also problems with her.

After that problem, after all the "analyzing" of paypal, which in my opinion was really mediocre, they gave the favor to her in that problem and they are pushing me to pay them back the money they already returned to that "buyer" if she can be called that. They requested her to send the camera back in the ORIGINAL status I sent it.

The item described in Ebay was like I said a Canon 50D and 2 lens: Sigma 70-300 and a Canon 28-135. One of the lens (SIgma) worked great except for a malfunction when it was in automatic mode and that it was supposed to be used in manual mode and I STATED THAT CLEARLY in the description of the item when I posted it.

When I received the item back from her, it was in the very same condition I sent it to her. The ONLY thing that was "broken" which was really cracked a bit (thing that I did not sent like that) was the filter that covers the lens and protects it. Thing that with a little bit of civilized communication would have worked just fine. I would even have sent her a replacement for the filter that broke in the shipping transit (Which is, by the way, less than 10 dollars worth. Like I said in MY description, it was a cheap filter that would be easily replaced for another one, but I did NOT sent a broken item in that bundle.)

Communication is everything. It's not my fault if she didn't took off the filter and saw that it was a filter, not the lens that was cracked. Also, the camera was working perfectly. I even took pictures in the post office and that day took pictures of the lunar eclipse, which I am attaching. And later on kept using it. One detail I must note is that in my listing in Ebay, I said NO returns. But like I already said, she didn't even contacted me for support on how to use the camera, or to notify me about the broken filter and what could I do for her. As a seller, this is not a game to me. I do not know if for her it is, but for me it isn't. We honest sellers try to sell honestly and these type of people like her make it worth not using at all. We have a timeframe, little money to be playing with. I needed that money because I am currently starting on a work that requires of me to have an upgraded equipment. Which now, I can't have because of this problem. How can I even trust Ebay and Paypal after this? And now I have a -$536.00 in my paypal account and no money because I used it in emergencies I had to assume responsibility. It is not fair the way paypal proceeds.

In the aspect of the communication with the buyer, the person also asked for my email and my personal phone number, which I know it's not permitted in the Ebay security policy, which I did not give out, obviously. Also, like I said, the person escalated quickly to report a claim without even offering me proof that the items were broken as she described and without even responding my messages after her message telling me it was broken. The communication was weak from the start. I still don't know if she provided proof to Paypal that the item was broken. She also waited 6 days after receiving the package to tell it was broken like she described it like I said. I believe that the same day you get to open your package and test it and right away you notify if there are problems. I heard nothing from her until 6 days later. After that, she made a claim and waited almost ten days to send it back to me.

Honestly, one can never be sure with people like this because they make us sellers fail at trusting this method of selling.

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Offender: Paypal

Address: 2211 North First Street
Phone: 1888221116114029352050

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