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June 24,2015

“The following is correspondence between me and Kathy Bridges at Kathy’s Travel ( regarding our trip to Jamaica June 16-21,2015. Linda is the agent who booked everyone in our group’s trip. We were going for a wedding. There was a large group of us who used this Travel Agency. There were MANY other issues that others in our group experienced, but I will let them share those should they want to. I have redacted the name of the Mother of the Bride for her privacy. I am posting this in hopes that those who read it will be informed of how this Travel Agency operates and treats its clients before selecting their travel agency. I wish I’d had this information before using them. I definitely would’ve chosen a different agency or not used one at all.”

From Amber

Jun 18

To Kathy

Kathy, We are in Jamaica. Susan Henderson—Mother of the Bride—is still waiting on her luggage. Tried to call Linda for help and she hung up on me and will not answer now. Very unprofessional. She is unwilling to help in any way and we are very frustrated! Wedding is tomorrow and Susan has NOTHING. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

From Kathy Bridges

Jun 19

To linda, me

Hi Amber,

I spoke with Linda this morning and yes she said she hung up on you but she has a mother dying of cancer and was very tired. She said she tracked the luggage and texted you to pick it up at the airport. I was very surpised that she could track it. Linda was very upset as she said she even helped you with your passports. She also said she was up until 3 am trying to resolve this. I am so very sorry for your inconvenience but we have no control over the weather or luggage. I have been in business for 30 years and never had this issue. Yes there has been a few lost luggage situations over the years but noone has called me to try to find their luggage. The airport usually takes care of that. I usually always take a carry on with extra clothes in case of the lost luggage situation. Hope all goes well. Im sure it will be something to remember.

From Amber

June 24

To Kathy, Linda

First of all, as stated in my original email, it was not my luggage. It was the Mother of the Bride's luggage I was trying to track down. Everyone had carry-ons—that was not the point. Some things can't be carried on. There were priceless heirlooms in her luggage—things that were to be part of the wedding ceremony the following day. I was just trying to help her because she was so overwhelmed. Secondly, I could not receive calls/texts in Jamaica (none of us could) and Wi-Fi was not free and not always available, so her texting me anything would have been pointless. We were using phone cards to try to call out. For every call attempted we were charged a $2.00 access fee and $1.50 per minute, on top of having to try to communicate with Jamaican operators in the process, which was a HUGE reason it was so completely ridiculous that a travel agent would hang up on a client (not to mention that behaving that way is completely unprofessional and simply immature)!!! Also, my texts came in once I got back and never received one from her. I did not expect that you had any control over weather or luggage, however I did expect to receive any information that might be helpful to us and to be treated in a professional manner. Simply a calm voice of reason might have helped the situation, but no, we get no help and hung up on which only added to everyone's frustration. While I am sympathetic to Linda's personal family issues, this should NOT have happened. If she was overwhelmed with family concerns maybe you as the boss/owner should have taken over this event. There were 20 people who booked with your travel agency and I didn't talk to one single person who was satisfied with the service they received. As for Linda helping me with the passports, that was literally the ONLY time she did anything as far as helping (and that was in October 2014). While it was appreciated at the time, she led me to believe that I had to send her my information and she had to do the passports. It wasn't until I went to actually get my passports that I was told that travel agents are NOT supposed to fill out the passport application and that they couldn't believe one would collect that kind of sensitive information from clients. We had never traveled out of the US before, so chose to use a travel agent. We would have been better off to have not used a travel agent at all. No information was sent to/shared with me unless I requested it, and I always had to send repeated requests. Again, we hadn't ever traveled out of the US so there were many times I didn't even know WHAT to request information about. Linda was unable/unwilling to tell me what the breakdown of prices were, which I found very odd. Honestly I feel like we were scammed. Why else would there be no way to give a solid account of where our money was going? I cc'd you on many of the emails with Linda due to my frustration with her, and you never bothered to help either. We started the process of booking this trip 10/24/14 and made our down-payment 12/04/14. Tell me why, when booking 6 1/2 months in advance, we were given STANDBY status on some of our flights? Standby tickets are normally considerably cheaper, yet those of us who ended up with those tickets paid full price. There's something fishy about that! Let me also say that we were not told anything about this Standby Status at all. We found out when we printed our boarding passes! I ended up with 2 kids with assigned seats and 2 kids plus my husband and I on standby! My sister also ended up on standby. There is no way all flights were full that long ago. There was an adult side and a family side of the resort, so it was expected that our group would be divided accordingly, BUT we were scattered everywhere. No one had rooms that were close to each other. Simply being on the same floor would have been a huge help. What is the point of a group of people all using the same travel agency if no consideration is going to be taken to help things run smoothly? We flew with 4 (that I know of) different airlines—American, Southwest, United & Delta. Some of us had layovers so short that there was no way to make it to the next gate without sprinting (and that's with everything coming together perfectly), and others had 6 hour layovers. Some were on the same flight for one leg, and then still going to the same destination, but got stuck on different flights during the 2nd leg. It made no sense what-so-ever. Two people that I know of paid extra for the Exit Seating and were given regular seats—again—something fishy here. You were right, our trip was something to remember. Everything negative about the trip leads back to your Travel Agency. We will not let that cloud the fond memories we made there. Everything positive about the trip happened not BECAUSE of you, but IN SPITE of you, and I will never, ever recommend Kathy's Travel to fact, I will do everything in my power to keep everyone I know from going through what we went through.

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