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Unaccompanied Minor nightmare

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If you fly Delta and use the Unaccompanied Minor Service you will want to read this-

My saga begins two months ago when I booked a ticket for my 11 year old son flying from Charlotte to Seattle.

For those of you who don't know about minor traveling alone you cannot do this online. You have to call the airline directly, in this case Delta. I have booked this type of travel for my son for the last five years and rarely had any issue. Oh boy, not this time.

I booked my ticket and the rep was friendly and helped me through it. Again, for education purposes, when you book unaccompanied minors it cost an extra $100 both ways. This made the total cost of my ticket $500.

My ex wife arrived at the airport and was informed that my son could not board. There are a multitude of rules for minors traveling alone and one of them is that they don't allow a minor to enter a city if it's the last flight of the day (just in case the flight is delayed). At this point though, the problem is SHE WAS AT THE AIRPORT already! The gal who booked my ticket screwed up. I was instructed to call CS at Delta. This is where real fun began.

I called and was informed that there was nothing they could do and he couldn't fly on a Delta flight that night. I then asked if they would please move him to a US Air flight leaving an hour later. The lady again said no telling me her supervisor mandated this. Of course, I then asked to speak to him. His name was Terry.

Terry might be one of the bigger jerks I have ever spoken to. Not only was he not going to do either thing I wanted. He made it clear, he, HE mind you did not believe the cost was something he wanted to spend on the ticket and that was why he wouldn't shift him over to US Air. His solution? Have my ex wife drive two hours back home and come back in the morning. He made no regard for her time. He made no regard for my time I took off work. He made no regard for the time I wanted to spend with my son (I only see him 3x a year and this was only for a week). Nothing I said mattered. Finally in desperation I told him that I would recount his actions to everyone at Delta and would get him fired. This prompted him to say, "You don't need to make this personal sir." WELL THEN HELP ME! After thirty minutes, I realized he wasn't going to help me at all and I hung up. I called the Charlotte airport and spoke to the supervisor at the DELTA counter. He booked my son on the US AIR flight within a half hour. Seriously, the guy on the phone decides to put this ridiculous line in the sand where this other gentleman, Alex, acts like it's no problem. WTF! Alex was very kind btw and seemed to actually care about my time.

Now, I wish this was the end of the story, but alas, it's not. My son was scheduled to fly the red eye back to Charlotte so I arrived in plenty of time to get him to the gate. Once arriving I realize the first leg of his ticket to Charlotte is actually run by Alaska Air. So I walk down to the AA ticketing booth.

After waiting in line, I give the gal my conformation and she explains that he can't switch airlines due to Unaccompanied Minor policy. Again, as a reminder, this ticket was booked by a trained DELTA employee who should know all of these rules! So this gal now scrambles to rebook him on a matching DELTA flight and comes back with a receipt sending me back to DELTA.

I head back to the DELTA booth and wait another 20 minutes in line. I give the guy this new receipt and he says that he can't find the first leg of travel anymore and unaccompanied minors cannot fly on the red eye per DELTA policy. GASKET BLOWN! Are you kidding me? So my original ticketing gal made three errors on my ticket, THREE! I'm now just livid. Of course I protest explaining I have never heard of this policy as he's flown unaccompanied minor on a red eye before. Again, they don't give a about my time or trouble. I'm now asked to come back in the morning by the supervisor, Diane. Diane was also very nice and returned my UM fee and gave me a huge $50 coupon for all my trouble. She was extremely apologetic and it made me feel a little better.

Now again, you would think that was it. No. My son's flight was scheduled for 8:10am. I am awoken from sleep at 5pm with an automated call. It in, the DELTA computer has rebooked my son's flight for 1:30pm. Since I have work this morning, I again have to call. Luckily, this time I was able to be moved to an earlier flight which I was able to make but it really was the cherry on top of the whole experience.

The final tally:

8 total re-bookings

3 mis-bookings

2 hours of speaking to DELTA reps

$100 refunded and $50 coupon

12 hours of mine, my son and my ex wife's time wasted

It seems we work for $3.33 an hour

Terry the CS rep should be fired. He was absolutely horrible.

My original booking agent should be written up and educated on DELTA flight policy.

Alex (Charlotte Supervisor) and Diane (Seattle Supervisor) did a fine job helping me out. Although Diane probably should have just let my son fly, I won't get into it now.

All in all, I cannot see using DELTA again unless they make this right.

Cheers, Jason

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Offender: Delta Airlines

Address: P. O. Box 20706
Phone: 8003258224

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