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Would not let me on bus!

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My usual route when taking Megabus is from NYC to DC. This time, as I decided to stop and spend one night in Baltimore to visit a friend, I purchased a ticket from NYC to Baltimore and then a separate ticket for Baltimore to DC for the next day.

So, my friend dropped me off at the White Marshall whatever stop in Baltimore that I am accustomed to the Megabus stopping at on the way to DC, and this is the bus that dropped me off in Baltimore on its way to DC. My bus was scheduled for 1:40pm. 1:40 comes and goes and I am still waiting... Mind you, this was two days ago when we were in the midst of a heat wave so temperatures were above 100 degrees! Anyway, around 2pm, a bus scheduled to go to NYC arrives and I asked the bus driver about the status of the 1:40pm bus to DC.

He tells me I am at the wrong stop and then gives me vague directions to go over a bridge and to the opposite end of a mall. I am annoyed because this is where the bus always stops in Baltimore when I am going to DC and I know of NO other stop, but in my mind, I am thinking, "You get what you pay for." So I wander around for about a half hour and find another stop and as I am the only one there, I can't ask if this is the DC stop that the driver was referring to, so I just take my chances and plop down. The next bus heading to DC was scheduled for 4:35. I waited THREE HOURS in that stifling heat for the next bus to DC.

When the 4:35 bus pulls up, there are only 3 or so passengers other than myself waiting. I show the bus driver my ticket and explained to him that I missed the 1:40 bus as I was on the wrong side. He tells me simply that I cannot get on this bus. I have been taking megabus for over a year now and I have missed it before and they always have let me on the next bus as a standby passenger and worse case scenario, I have had to pay a $5 change fee and then they let me on.

So I tell the bus driver that I should be allowed on as a standby passenger as I have an actual ticket and I point out that there are plenty of open seats. At this point, the bus driver is raising his voice and telling me in broken English that I have a ticket for 1:40 and that I cannot use the same ticket to get on the 4:35 bus. He then advises me to go BACK to the stop for the NYC bus, wait for the next bus and buy a NEW ticket from the NYC bus. I was absolutely incredulous as that sounded positively absurd.

I said to him, "I am trying to go to DC, not NY. I have already paid for a ticket... I should be allowed to go on standby. Even airlines do this!" He again refuses. So at this point, having baked in over 100 degree weather for the last 3 hours, I concede and ask if I can buy a new ticket for this bus through him.

He says no and gets on the bus. So now, I am standing at the bus entrance asking why I can't buy a ticket through him and I am feeling embarrassed because all of the passengers are now staring and I am standing here alone, in a parking lot, essentially begging to be let on. He again refuses and I asked what his name was. He refused to tell me his name.

I kept asking and he said, "Sol" (he was an Asian man) I asked if he had a last name or a business card, and he said no, slammed the doors of the bus and sped off. It was humiliating and by far the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced in a developed county. I waited in that heat for THREE HOURS only to be denied entry on the bus. When I finally stumbled into DC later (I used my phone to go online and purchase a new ticket) I shared my terrible experience with the alleged supervisor on duty and even he was surprised as he said that I should have been on standby or at the most charged a $5 change fee.

Either way, I should have been let on that bus! I have since called Megabus' customer service and complained, I have written an email to the email address listed on their website and I intend on writing the better business bureau. I will NEVER use megabus again.

I took the Bolt bus coming back.:)

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Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Megabus

   State: Maryland   City: Baltimore
Address: 4400 S. Racine Ave.
Phone: 1877218774626342

Category: Traveling & Tourism


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