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Charter Communications
Billing Issue

This morning I paid my charter bill on line as I have many times before but this time when I received the conformation E-Mail the debit card number they used was not mine. I called and they said I must have made the mistake. Well I did not and now either my bill has not been paid or some other poor soul is paying it for me ...

Horrible customer service!

I write this post in hopes that my friends share my complaint and to inform others of a horrendous dissatisfaction I have with DirectTV. I have never dealt with a company with so much disorganization. As a first time customer, I was promised a plan at a cost that I never received. I was being charged for equipment I didn't even ...

DIRECTV Customer Complaint

I have been a loyal customer since 2003 and I am upset because of my billing. I have upgraded my equipment on May 23 2015 and was told my bill will be one price for a year $106.13 a month. The very next month bill I got was $ 200.83 and I talked retention department after having on hold for Hour!!! It's nothing he can do on his ...